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Seagulls Love Pizza

October 24, 2023

For Starters:

Pizza, the quintessential comfort food, isn’t just about chain restaurants and supermarket aisles. It can be truly exceptional, and Ludacrust, founded by my sweet self, a Royal Navy veteran who’s spent much of my life on or by the sea, knows this. Explore a culinary journey that delves into artisanal ingredients, creative toppings, and the unique allure of pizza for both humans and seagulls.


The Gourmet Gulls: Revealing Their Appetite

Having battled seagulls for possession of food during nights out in the port towns of the world, I can attest that the blighters love a slice. Just like sailors adapting to life at sea, seagulls thrive in urban areas, where human waste and leftovers abound. And that’s precisely where our beloved pizza, with its mouthwatering blend of flavours, fits into the picture.


Sensory Allure: Why Seagulls Are Hooked

Much like a pizza lover captivated by the aroma of a freshly baked pizza, seagulls are irresistibly drawn to the sight and smell of food. Brightly coloured or strongly scented, foods like pizza slices, chips, or ice cream are like magnets for their senses. It’s a sensory experience they can’t resist.


Drawing a parallel to the monkeys at the top of the Rock of Gibraltar, we find intriguing similarities in their approaches to food. Both seagulls and monkeys are opportunistic foragers, adapting to their surroundings. Just as seagulls thrive in urban environments, monkeys at Gibraltar’s summit have learned to interact with humans for tasty treats. It’s a fascinating study in adaptability and one that sailors are more than familiar with.

 If you’re interested in the science, you can find some more info here.

Learning from Us: The Human Connection

They keenly observe and learn from us, showing a preference for food that’s been handled or consumed by humans, hinting at an interesting food culture they’ve picked up from us. Their love for pizza is a testament to this influence.


Competitive Spirits: Seagulls in Action

The battle for food isn’t just about the meal; it’s also about the chase. Seagulls are fiercely competitive and assertive birds, much like sailors navigating the high seas. They engage in aerial feats and even engage in territorial disputes, all for a slice of pizza or another delightful morsel. It’s a survival-of-the-fittest scenario in the world of seagull cuisine.


Protecting Your Pizza: Keep the Seagulls at Bay

To safeguard your pizza from seagull snatching, follow these tips:


– Keep your pizza covered until you’re ready to relish it.

– Choose your dining location carefully, avoiding open or crowded areas where seagulls frequently gather.

– Avoid feeding seagulls or leaving food remnants behind, as this only encourages their interaction with humans.

– If seagulls encroach on your meal, maintain eye contact or use subtle gestures to deter them.


If you make it home with some slices to spare, check out our guide to properly reheating pizza here.

And if you want to learn a little more about these pesky birds, the BBC have published a fact sheet on them for you – find it here.

Seagull chef eating pizza
Seagull Pizza
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