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From Nightmare to Triumph: Ludacrust’s Spooky Halloween Catering Saga

November 7, 2023


Picture this: a Halloween night at a Reindeer Farm, the perfect setting for a spooktacular evening. But behind the scenes, Ludacrust’s first professional catering event was brewing up a storm. This is the tale of our Halloween catering adventure, filled with challenges, surprises, and triumphs that will leave you freaked out.

The Grand Ask – increase from 40 to 120 Pizzas in Two Days

The story begins with an unexpected twist. We were all set to cater for around 40 pizzas. But just two days before the event, the organiser threw us a curveball, asking if we could upscale to a whopping 120. The pressure was on. This was a big ask, considering we had not yet tried out our newly acquired second-hand dough mixer, a relic from The Little Bakery in Langport. The whole operation was an unknown entity, and the sheer space needed to work 25kg of dough was a bit of a challenge at this stage.

Working Around the Clock

Not to mention, I was still juggling my full-time job as an Air Traffic Controller. I had to perform the double fermentation required for Ludacrust’s signature dough, all while finishing work at 11:30 PM the day before. I found myself making dough from my pre-ferment (which I started before work) until 2:00 AM on the day of the event. A quick nap was in order, followed by an early rise to grab the freshest produce. Then, it was time to shape 120 doughballs, pack up, and head to the event.

Ludacrust signature sough and oven Blaze

A Friend to the Rescue

Lacking staff as a startup, I relied on the kindness of friends. My mate and fellow sailor, Jacko, stepped up to the hearth. He’d never made a pizza outside of a domestic oven before. Yet, here he was, facing a professional pizza oven in the beast that we’d set up. Jacko was an eager beaver and dived into tasks like making up pizza boxes and mastering the POS system. We had our work cut out for us, especially within the confines of a newly delivered 3m x 3m gazebo. Some challenges needed ironing out, starting with my lengthy GI Metal launching peel, which made wielding it around a hazard to my partner in crime. 

Ludacrust and Jacko in action

The Semolina Saga

Every journey has its twists and turns, and ours hit a momentary roadblock. As it turns out, I hadn’t packed enough semolina. If you’re in the pizza business you’ll know, no semolina = no pizza. In a bind, my better half came to the rescue, saving the day with a last-minute delivery of the precious commodity.

Wins Amid the Challenges

But despite the trials and tribulations, our wins shone brightly. My very first pizza was sold to an Italian woman, dressed as a witch. A surprising start, but she praised our pizza. Another guest, the farm owner himself, declared our pizza “the best I’ve ever had.” While I might have joked that he needs to explore the world of pizza more, the rave reviews warmed my ticker.

Ludacrust’s Success Equation

The journey from nightmare to triumph taught us that opportunity + preparation = a chance for success. Our success validated the months of hard work, from a culinary journey through the pizzerias of Naples to countless pizza parties, YouTube tutorials, sneaking into the European Pizza Championships, and learning the ropes with Costal Crust (a Dorset Pizza firm who’ve just promoted from the mean streets to their very own restaurant). Every step, every challenge, every moment of frustration culminated in a professionally delivered service, three to four times the scale we initially envisioned.

The Sum Rises On Ludacrust


From challenges to triumphs, this Halloween catering saga was an unforgettable adventure for Ludacrust. The journey showcases the power of preparation, resilience, and teamwork, proving that even the spookiest challenges can lead to delicious success. And if you’re looking from someone to cater for your wedding or event, hit the reservations button and check out why you should choose pizza here. 🍕🎃 #LudacrustCatering #PizzaTriumph #SpookySuccess #pizzadough #weddingfood #bristol #exeter #taunton #wedding #pizza #weddingplanner #somerset #ludacrust

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