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The Ludacrust Guide to Outdoor Weddings in 2024

November 19, 2023

If you’ve been dreaming of a wedding that breaks away from tradition and saves you thousands, the outdoor wedding trend is here to make your dreams a reality. Thanks to a change in the law in 2022, couples can now say “I do” amidst nature’s beauty, and Ludacrust is all set to roll in with a pizza party at your chosen location.

Outdoor Ceremony Laws: A Breath of Fresh Air

Gone are the days of being bound to indoor venues. The latest legal updates, The Marriages and Civil Partnerships: Approved Premises Amendment, enacted in April 2022, allow legal outdoor weddings anywhere on the grounds of an approved premises. While religious and non-approved venues are excluded, the change opens up a world of possibilities for unique and budget-friendly ceremonies.

There are 106 approved outdoor venues in Somerset. Check out the whole list here.

What’s in it for UK Couples?

With the average wedding cost soaring to £18,700, a significant chunk going into venue hire, the new outdoor wedding laws in the UK offer financial relief. Ludacrust, always on the pulse of innovation, is ready to cater to couples embracing the great outdoors. The typical wedding budget allocated 50% on venue and catering. You’ll never let your guests go hungry so why not think about an outdoor event and allocate our resource to a professional wedding catering outfit with the best in local ingredients. 

The Freedom to Choose

Couples now have the flexibility to choose from a myriad of outdoor wedding venues, from seaside vistas to romantic lakeshores. Ludacrust supports this creativity by bringing its delicious Neapolitan pizzas to any location accessible by car. A castle that once hosted one event a day can now double as a garden wedding venue. Your dreams, your choice.

Practical Considerations for Your Outdoor Affair

1. Budget Bliss

   Save on costs by DIY-ing elements of your outdoor wedding while ensuring essential needs like food, drink, seating, shelter, and toilet facilities are covered.

2. Venue Variety

   The expanded options allow couples to be more creative. Ludacrust can turn a seaside wedding into a pizza party by the waves or transform a forest clearing into a gourmet haven.

3. Single Ceremony Simplicity

   No need to compromise; couples can now have a legal ceremony and reception in one place, streamlining the wedding experience.

4. Weather Worries

   In the UK, it’s wise to have a Plan B for rain. Ludacrust suggests having a good jacket just in case, ensuring a seamless celebration despite unpredictable weather.

5. Accessibility Matters

   Keep in mind the needs of all guests, ensuring that the chosen outdoor location is accessible for everyone.

8. Timing is Everything

   Consider natural elements like high tide or hay fever seasons when choosing the date. Ludacrust emphasises the importance of aligning the season with your venue’s natural beauty. And if you’re getting married in Scotland – watch out for midge season.

As you embark on your outdoor wedding journey, Ludacrust is here to make it flavorful, fun, and memorable. Ready to cater to your unique celebration, Ludacrust brings the party to you – because love knows no bounds. Here’s to celebrating under the open sky and saying “Yes” to love, laughter, and Ludacrust! Hit the reservations button on the homepage! Read more about why our pizzas are perfect for wowing our guests as a late night option here.

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