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Impress Your Guests With Gourmet Pizza: Ludacrust has what you need.

October 17, 2023

Introduction: A Slice of Gourmet Pizza Heaven

Pizza, the ultimate comfort food, isn’t just some Domino’s or Asda nonsense – it can be bloody fantastic and Ludacrust can fix you up. Explore a new frontier of artisanal ingredients and creative toppings that are setting taste buds alight.

Beyond the Basics: Elevate Your Event

When it comes to catering for special occasions, why settle for the ordinary? Gourmet pizza is a new norm for weddings, corporate events, and birthday parties, offering a unique and upscale option to impress your guests. It’s not just about feeding them; it’s about creating a memorable experience. Ludacrust brings our own vibe and it bleeds into our pizzas and how we cook them.

We have built our very own oven, made with the best materials and a special burner imported from Italy. 

Artisanal Ingredients, Creative Toppings

The days of plain pepperoni and mushrooms are long gone. Gourmet pizza is all about pushing the boundaries of flavour. We are locally sourced but we are internationally inspired. We use some great produce near our home in Somerset – of specific note is our Buffalo Mozzarella from Buffalicious.

Crust Game Strong

Our mixer, we call her “Proud Mary” because her big wheels keep on turning, helps us put together our double fermented classic neapolitan dough, made with 00 flour from the Cotswolds. It’s around a 90 min drive to collect our flour and the guys at Shipton Mill do some great work.

We don’t dine out on “using the best ingredients from Italy”. Why? Because we use the brilliant local stuff which ensures that it’s fresh & eco-sensible.

Meet Ludacrust’s Big Figgy Style

Explore Ludacrust’s very own masterpiece, “Big Figgy Style.” This gourmet pizza creation combines artisanal ingredients and Ludacrust’s unique touch to deliver a flavour experience like no other. It’s the epitome of the gourmet pizza revolution with figs and goats cheese leading the way on this particular dish – tease your tastebuds and check it out below. See our Menu for more ideas about what we do.

From Quick Bite to Culinary Adventure

A moment on your lips is preceded by days or prep work. We craft our dough over a couple of days and the buffalos are always eating that wonderful Somerset grass. Being mobile allows us to bring top class cuisine to you – couldn’t be better, right?

What To Do Next

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A mouthwatering image of a Ludacrust "Big Figgy Style" pizza.

Ludacrust Big Figgy Style

Trio of Ludacrust Pizzas including: Notorious PIG, Yung Blud and Big Cheese
Notorious PIG, Yung Blud and Big Cheese pizzas.
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