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Supporting Our Troops and Communities: Ludacrust’s Commitment to Sustainability and Local Impact

May 3, 2024

At Ludacrust, we are passionate about more than just delivering high-quality, delicious food. We believe in making a positive impact on our community and supporting causes that matter. As a local startup, we are committed to being eco-friendly, community engagement, and giving back to those who serve our country. Here’s how we’re making a difference:

Supporting the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC) and RNAS Yeovilton Central Amenities Fund (CAF)

We are proud to pledge 5% of our profits from each event we cater on military bases to support both the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC) and the relevant unit’s Central Amenities Fund (CAF). These contributions help the RNRMC continue its vital work, providing support at all stages of life to those in need. Additionally, our donations to the CAF directly enhance the amenities and facilities available to the soldiers, sailors, and air personnel, improving their overall wellbeing and lived experience.

Aligning with ESS’s Values

Our commitment to supporting the RNRMC and the CAF aligns with ESS’s values of community support and social responsibility. As a nod to the company who holds the contract for catering at certain establishments, Ludacrust will donate to these good causes. Together, we can make a significant impact on the lives of those who serve our country and the community at large.

Loyal to the Soil

Being eco-friendly is important to us at Ludacrust. We source our ingredients locally, reducing transportation emissions and supporting the local economy. Our eco-friendly practices, such as using eco-friendly packaging and minimizing waste, align with ESS’s commitment to achieving net-zero emissions and promoting a healthier world. By choosing Ludacrust, you are not only getting delicious, high-quality food but also contributing to a more sustainable future.

High-Quality, Nutritious Food

We use only the very best of ingredients. From using nearby mills for our flour to employing long double fermentation practices, we ensure that our finished product is healthy for both the world and the people who serve to protect it.

Community Engagement

As a local business, we are deeply connected to our community. Partnering with Ludacrust fosters a sense of community and demonstrates support for local enterprises. This engagement helps strengthen relationships with customers and stakeholders, enhancing our collective impact on the community.

Personalised Service

At Ludacrust, we pride ourselves on providing personalised service. As a small, agile business, we can adapt to the specific needs of your events. Whether it’s a themed menu or special dietary requirements, we tailor our offerings to ensure a perfect fit for each occasion.

A Call to Action for Event Organisers

We understand that event organisers working with large firms who have big contracts in place may face certain constraints. If you are interested in having Ludacrust cater your event but need contractor approval first, we encourage you to reference this blog post when discussing your event plans. By highlighting our shared values and commitment to sustainability, community support, and charitable contributions, we hope to make a compelling case for collaboration.

We understand that big companies can’t offer the agility of choosing the most local of artisanal producers, keeping their emissions low and supporting local communities directly. Ludacrust can deliver on all this, as well as contributing to contractor’s charities and amenity funds.

Together, we can create events that not only delight attendees but also make a positive impact on our community and support those who serve our country.

For more information or to discuss potential collaborations, please e-mail Jumper directly at

As a recent Service leaver, of 22 years, Jumper is committed to providing an amazing service to those who Serve. Your events deserve a touch of originality – book Ludacrust now.

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