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A Tale from Navy to Neapolitan Dough

November 17, 2023


Life at Ludacrust isn’t your typical slice of the entrepreneurial pie. I’m Jumper, Ludacrust’s founder, juggling the high-flying world of Air Traffic Control ATC with crafting the perfect Neapolitan dough. Balancing both, I’ve learned that sometimes, the sky’s the limit.

Managing the Dough alongside full time ATC Responsibilities

In the delicate dance of entrepreneurship and air traffic control, rest might be the cousin of death, but dough waits for no one. Picture this: an early morning sacrifice of gym time to nurture the pre-ferment, followed by a whole day spent orchestrating aircraft in the skies. Home for generic domestic chores and then straight to making dough before bed time. The next morning, balling up the dough for the evening’s events. The real challenge? Managing bookings to ensure I’m not spreading myself too thin, allowing enough rest for the ATC task. It’s a tightrope walk, but so far, no falls. Biassing gigs at weekends is the key here.

Navy to Neapolitan Dough

From the Royal Navy’s global travels to the vibrant streets of Naples, my journey sparked a revelation: the UK’s pizza game was in need of an overhaul. The stark difference in quality came down to processes and, of course, the quality of produce. Now, nestled in Somerset, we source our buffalo mozzarella locally from a farm that learned the art from the Italians. It’s about bringing a slice of Naples to our British palates. My travels have informed my tastebuds and I’m ready to bring a slice of the action to the people.

The Role of Military Adaptability in Pizza Entrepreneurship

“Adaptability” might be military-speak for adjusting on the fly, but in the pizza game, it’s about scaling from 40 to 120 covers with 48 hours’ notice (which happened on our opening gig). Limited catering experience? No problem. My military-honed ability to adapt and draw on a wealth of experiences saved the day. Ludacrust’s debut catering gig was a trial by fire, but we emerged victorious, proving that military adaptability is the secret sauce to handling the unexpected.

Quality Freestyle Pizza

Military Work Ethics in the Kitchen

In the hustle of street food, optimising time is crucial. Military work ethics mean working hard during lulls, planning ahead, and anticipating rather than reacting. It’s akin to Air Traffic Management’s pro-active approach—a mindset paying major dividends for a wheeler-dealer-pizza-stealer.

Crafting an Experience

While the heart of Ludacrust is in crafting authentic Neapolitan pizza, it’s more than that. It’s about unleashing my personality, bursting with enthusiasm, and creating an experience that’s uniquely Ludacrust. It’s not just about making pizzas; it’s about crafting a winning team who create winning pizzas – with military precision and reliability.


So, join us at for a slice of the extraordinary. From Navy to Neapolitan Dough, the journey is as diverse as the pizzas we create, a tad challenging, but undeniably satisfying. It’s not just a pizza, it’s an experience. And in the world of Ludacrust, every experience is cradled in military precision.

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